What People Say About Us

I started out wanting to learn how to click and connect with women, how to flirt, how to naturally have a good time with them, like all the naturals or “playboys”. Of course getting laid was part of it, but it went way beyond that. The training was hard in the beginning, more challenging than I expected. But over time it became easier and more and more fun and exciting. Sky was extremely professional and tailored everything to my specific needs and difficulties. He pushed me well out of my comfort zone, which is exactly what I needed to improve. In terms of inner game he knew precisely what was going on in my mind and helped me overcome my sticking points and limiting beliefs about women, behavior and social life. Without him, on my own, it would have taken me at least 10 times longer to achieve the same level of success. Even though of course it’s a paid service, I cannot thank him enough for how much he helped me in such a short time. I feel it’s truly priceless. All the experiences and all the lessons, I cannot put into words. You have to go through it yourself. I can only highly recommend his coaching for those of you out there who are willing to make a change, and to improve their dating and social life exponentially.
I joined a program for more basic issues, I had become like an introvert. Uncomfortable around new people, clubs & crowds. Now I look at things in a very different way. I’m able to improve the way I dress, my body language & the way I talk. They have something for everyone, whatever your problem is I would definitely try out CharmFormula.
Game Designer
Sky was able to give me real, relevant advice to help me be there for my girlfriend during a hard, emotional time. I was looking for some objective guidance with how to manage my own emotions and someone who had an understanding of Thai culture (my girlfriend is Thai), Sky ticked both boxes. His professionalism, understanding and objective advice helped me step away from my ego and be a man. I have been able to maintain my relationship because of this and feel great!
Then I started trying out CharmFormula’s exercises which were pushing myself outside my comfort zone. That combined with fashion tips and being aware of my own body language have improved my social interactions. I definitely recommend you guys try out CharmFormula, I’m sure you wont be disappointed.
Creative Director
It was immediately clear that they were the real deal, both from their depth of knowledge and social awareness and also from the calm and confident way they carried themselves in a social environment. They had brilliantly worked out a set of simple but effective hands-on social exercises to put theory into practice in a way that just blew my mind with all the aha-moments. I kept on being pleasantly surprised by how the exercises realigned my ideas about the subtleties of social interactions and confidence and how each new exercise brought with it a richer, deeper understanding of the social game.
English Instructor
I did it, I read your book, watched your videos, took your advice and I’m now dating an amazing woman, she says that there's something about me but she can’t tell what it is, but she love it. She doesn’t care about my height, she is much taller than me; Thank u very much!!!!!
I wanted to learn how to talk to girls that are passing me on the the street. I really hoped that someday I can be a guy who has abundance with girls. Just to Connect deeply with the girl I resonate with. The thing is I was afraid women will say “fuck off” because I wanted everybody to like me. So I repress my needs to express myself to strangers. Sky taught me not only how to talk to girls but how to express myself. I also had a breakthrough with my emotional barriers so now I can feel emotions more over than ever before. I used to suppress my negative emotions. This used to make me feel numb all the time. My sadness, my anger, my fear were all repressed but it took away my happiness as well. I felt nothing. When I expressed myself, received love, shared good things to people I also felt nothing. The world had become a barren land, I had became an emotionless robot. Even if I had the money, muscular body, high-end condominium or being popular I would still not be happy. Sky helped me dissolve my false belief that I had to suppress my emotions. Now I can feel again. Now I am feeling a wide range of emotions… Im feeling at peace again.
I met sky through a friend and we went out to a bar with live music. I couldn’t believe what I saw. He went to talk to many groups of girls, guys and mixed, who didn’t speak any English. And he still got girls numbers. Even from girls who spoke only a few words of English. He landed up hi-fiving a table of people a who were having a birthday party. I went out on a Bootcamp with him after that because after 1 night out I knew he had skills. The bootcamp was hard at first but by the end of the day I got a 3 cute girls numbers. Amazing experience walking up to a cute girl in the day. Something I will never forget. Doing this stuff is not accepted in Thai society but Sky showed me how to look natural. Now I go to clubs and use the same methods.
eStorts Game Commentator
I spent a few days hanging out with Sky while in SE Asia. He gave me a lot of good and practical tips and exercises to help get over those social barriers we put up. Sky is a good guy who knows what he’s talking about. I will be sure to look him up again next time I’m in Bangkok!
Electrical Engineer, Australia
Sky made me change my attitude about how to hit on women. I now understand your reason why you teach this. I will study anything new that you will teach in the future.
Fighter Pilot
When I first met Sky, I was hoping for a better relation towards my family and friends. Also I wanted to find my way in the professional world. I was picturing myself with a good social circle, a family that could be proud of me and a Job I was truly passionat about. Before, I was so afraid of taking responsibility for my own life and I had a hard time trusting myself. Sky changed my thinking a great deal. With his help I was able to change crucial aspects of my thinking and acting. I am more than happy now and excited about taking further steps in my life.