Dating Coach

What Are Dating Coaches?

Charm Formula is a school to teach men how to become attractive to women by becoming the best versions of themselves.

We have developed this course material to get to the core of what is needed. There is too much bad advice out there someone needs to be direct about what really unlocks attraction. Transforming your life so that you can progress quickly to become your best self.

Developing that fulfilling life is what we want for our clients. Acquiring skills with the ladies will also develop all your social skills. We cover all facets of your social skills so that you emerge confident and with new found charisma.

This is the Charm Formula

The Dating Coaches

Dating Coach


Sky – Executive Dating Coach

The executive dating coach at Charm Formula. Sky was a fat computer nerd who transformed his life.
His change was so dramatic and positive that he decided to dedicate his life to help others.
“I never had anyone to help guide me through this mine field. I learnt everything by failing until I got it right. I would have given my left nut for a person who gave a shit about me and my development. Someone who could have guided me…   Now I’m in a position to be that person for other guys that are struggling. Nothing brings me more joy than watching a guy break past his self imposed limitations and find a deeper respect for himself… and then get the girl.”

Dating Coach

Raj – Dating Coach

Co-founder of Charm Formula and dating coach. Raj has a unique perspective on personal development having grown up in India having been surrounded by so much cultural diversity. His personal journey took him from coder nerd into a charismatic ladies man in the fastest time I’ve ever seen. His willingness and hunger to change, transformed his life in the most profound way. His intellect and wit are as sharp as a razor which he uses to dissect students problems. He has become so unbelievably insightful that he now helps seasoned veterans and even coaches with their game.


We offer a unique program that is geared toward results and nothing else.

You will meet us in a group video call (on google hangouts) where we will be spilling cutting-edge secrets that will entertain, shock, amuse and basically give you the WILDEST learning experience ever.

Expect cold, hard tips on success with girls, social dynamics and self-development that will leave your head spinning. Our webinar course, will leave you with significant and tangible improvements in your life, so that you can look back at this online hangout you attended as something that was deeply valuable, profound and truly life-changing.

All you have to do is sit in a chair and absorb as much as you can. Take notes and listen as we guide you through the complex maze of the female psyche. After Each module we will do a quick fire Q&A where you can ask us questions directly.

Dating Coach


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Principles of Success

Being Charming and attractive to the opposite sex is something most men desire above most things. If they can just get a handle on this area of their life they will be happy. We know how important it is for men to get success as fast as they can. To break through all the BS and get right to the good stuff.

We transform men from the inside out. We break through personal boundaries and sticking points as fast as possible. Then we help you to develop the skills to go out there and get what you want.

Your new skills and fundamental understanding on every level, will help every aspect of your social life. Develop your confidence to the point where you will smile in the face of fear of approaching a sexy woman.

All of this development is possible with the right guidance. Which is built into our course. Its important to us that our students get success with women, and finally have this area of your life sorted out.

 A Framework to Follow

We have a course that takes our students trough all the information you need to gain massive insight into the maze of women’s minds.

Eliminate your”blind spots” and the areas where you are unclear if they are problematic. This is done with a drill down session (one on one with an instructor) We identify these areas and help you to overcome them and replace them with a deeper understanding of yourself.

This allows our students to develop lasting relationships, friendships and deeper connections with people. Allowing them to no longer sit on the sidelines of life but play the game like a pro.

Follow Up

Dating Coach

We keep up with our students progress and offer support where we do one on one Skype or google hangout sessions to help with the continued development of students long after they have finished the initial course.

We don’t encourage change, we make it happen!