How to Talk to Girls Online

How to Talk to Girls Online    

Most guys find talking to girls in person really scary or difficult. However chatting online is a great place to practice. Starting with dating apps or chatting to girls online. So here are some tips to help improve your online skills.

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #1 Stand out

You need to make a big impression when you first message a girl online. Cute girls get so many messages online that they can’t answer all of them. You need to stand out from the tsunami of crap being sent to girls.

A simple way to stand out is to be funny. The first benefit is that it shows you are intelligent because only smart guys can turn normal things into funny situations. If you are on a dating site use her profile photos as inspiration to develop a joke. This is good overall practice because it sharpens your joke skills.

If you are chatting up a girl you know, make jokes about her latest Facebook photos or her comments.

Make sure that you are not being rude. Just because you think something is funny doesn’t mean everyone does.
Messaging just the word “Hey” is bad if its coming from you. Its great if its coming from her. Its bad coming for you because it shows a lack of genuine interest in the girl. Its like you just “copy” “pasted” the word “hey” to thousands of girls. It also shows a lack of creativity and innovation which are traits women like in men.

If she matched you on an app like tinder then, keep in mind that she actively took the time to reach out to you and assume that she’s curious about you.


How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #2 Be Funny

Guy: “Oh my god it smells like upsexy in here”

Girl: “Whats up sexy?”

Guy: “I’m fine, thank you”

As cheesy as this is it can work. You are just looking for a girl who is in the right state of mind when she reads your message. So sending out jokes like this to lots of girls can result is success. This is completely random success and not consistent at all but it does work. You also run the risk of other guys having used the same joke on this girl already. So it’s better to be original than to use funny jokes off the internet.


How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #3 Comment on a photo

how to talk to girls online

Comment: “wow look at that cute bitch”

You are referring to the dog but… which bitch are you talking about?
This kind of joke works quite well because you are showing that you are not scared to be a bit naughty. This approach works well on very attractive girls. It can have bad results on women who’s first language is not English or women in a bad mood.

This kind of humour is difficult to make work but you can come across more playful with emoji’s 😉

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #4 Be Cheeky

Being cheeky works very well.

“Hey *girlsname*! Google suggested the worst pickup line “are you tired?… because you have been running though my mind all day”…this is bullshit lol! Wanna help me sue Google? We will make billions…I’ll give you at least 10% ;)”

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #5 Flirt but don’t be too sexual

Don’t go overtly sexual, but have flirty ambigious undertones behind your messages. If it’s overt, she’ll be turned off, but if it’s vaguely suggestive, she’ll get excited in anticipation.

Girl: “Its Raining outside”
Guy: “I love wet girls”
Girl: “lol, that’s nasty”
Guy: “wow you have a dirty mind”

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #6 Interesting Tagline

When on a dating site or app use your own tagline as something that she can remark on. Think of something that’s a “call-to-action”…she can use that to start the discussion with you without thinking of something clever herself or feeling like a slut if she goes out of her way to say hi. She’s just following your lead with whatever leading comment you wrote in your tagline.

Think of your own tagline and add it to all your profiles.

Ex: “I only like girls who can beat me up… do you think you have what it takes? Lol” 

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #7 Logistics

how to talk to girls online

Make a plan of where you are going on your first date. Don’t get caught off guard and opt for something uninteresting because she put you on the spot and you needed to think fast. I like to have a few super fun date locations planned out and a couple of backups.

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #8 Leading Her

You must lead the conversation. Don’t expect the girl to entertain you. You got to know what you want and actively go and get it. Always be nudging the conversation towards the meet up.

Flirt for 5-10 texts, but play it like a game of chess, constantly be leading the chat towards the first date.

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #9 Start a Chat

Talk to them when they are online. Don’t send offline messages. You are fishing for a reaction so having them available to chat and getting a woman to converse with you works better than sending offline messages that have hours of days between each message.


How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #10 Role Play

Guy: “Red or white?”
Girl: “what does that mean?”
Guy: “Just planning our honeymoon and I want to make sure I get the right wine.”

It creates a “you and her” role play, and it has her imagining you two together in the future, and is fun and flirty. Always put the fantasies in the future for the two of you. This will boost her excitement for meeting you in the future.

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #11 Get to know her!

After you have had a bit of fun with funny messages the conversation will transition into the get to know each other stage. Don’t underestimate how important this is for women. This is where you ask questions like “what work do you do?” or “I lived in Sweden for 2 years.”

This part is best done in person but it will most likely start online. It is important to a woman to see your body language and tone of voice when she’s asking you question to gauge your responses.

So you can make this part more interesting for her by sending photos or asking her super interesting questions that no one has ever asked.

“If someone gave you 3 wishes but said you can only be selfish with them… what would you wish for?”

Being different from all the other men who send her messages will improve your chances to make a good connection with her.

How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #12 Transition from online to mobile.

Move from online to phone texting as soon as there is some interest from her. This feels like a more personal step in the interaction. The man has gone from being a complete stranger to an acquaintance.


How to Talk to Girls Online – Tip #13 Get her real phone number

It’s important to get her phone number once you have established that she is interested in you. Once you have the phone number you should tell her you are going to call her and then make arrangements to go on a date. The chances of her flaking on you if you plan the date via text is higher than if you call her.


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