List of Depression and Anxiety Solutions

I suffered with depression for most of my life and Ive been experimenting with lots of different things. Depression and Anxiety are interlinked because they are both part of your emotional systems. If your emotions are out of control your life feels out of control.

Here is the list of tired and tested mood enhancing methods I been using over the last 13 years.

The List

#1: get your blood tested for vitamin deficiency. (its weird that being deficient in 1 or more vitamins can keep and hold you in depression)

The number one culprit is magnesium. Because the human digestive system sucks at at absorbing it. Get a magnesium body spray to use at night before you go to sleep. The brand I use is: Ancient Minerals, Magnesium oil.
No side effects from use.

#2: Neurotransmitter support: 5-HTP. (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a naturally occurring amino acid and chemical precursor to all your happy hormones. Basically your body uses this stuff to make Serotonin. This stuff is great for pulling yourself out of depression. Takes +-30 min and you are back in reality. 5-HTP for me is not a long term solution but a great tool to get you functional in the short term.
I use a brand called: Now, 5-HTP
Side effects: mild discomfort when taken on an empty stomach. (well knows side effect) Eating directly after taking this supplement prevents this effect from taking place.

If you are taking mood altering medication you always need to consult your doctor before adding anything new to your regime.


#3: Neurotransmitter support: L-Tryptophan. This is also a naturally occurring amino acid. This is a longer chain amino acid than 5htp and also contains 5htp. The difference is that L-Tryptophan also helps regulate sleep. Should be taken before bed.
Brand I use is called: Now, L-Tryptophan.
Side effects: Drowsy
If you are taking mood altering medication you always need to consult your doctor before adding anything new to your regime.


#4: Probiotics: These are digestive microorganisms that live in your gut. Weirdly they send chemical signals to your brain (through your Vagus nerve) telling it to make hormones associated with happiness. So getting a good balance of bacteria in your gut is a huge way to improve your mental health. After taking antibiotics most of the diffrent microorganisms in your gut die. Then you don’t have a good balance of what you need to stay happy and stable. Taking Probiotics has multiple positive impacts on overall health.
I combine 2 brands to get the greatest mood enhancement: Prescript-Assist and Primal Defence.
Side effects: first 2 days felt mildly bloated and farted more regularly. After that no negative side effects.

Gut Baceria
E.coli bacteria

 I started taking diffrent things to experiment but they kinda had an additive effect. One thing worked a little bit and another worked a lot. The combined effect of all the things I tried made me feel amazing.

For me depression is now manageable because of taking care of multiple areas. I used to have 1–4 day depression events when I started. Over time by implementing all the things above those became 1–2 day then 1 day and now I get depressed like a regular person when bad stuff happens not because I woke up depressed.

#5: Ketogenic Diet: Ive kept this till last because it was challenging to do when compared to ordering pills online. This has had amazing effects on me so far, rapid weight loss :), clear thoughts, more energy and most importantly more relaxed and at peace with everything.

The Diet is extremely low carbs (under 5% a day), little protein (under 20%) and the rest of your calories from Fats (75% fats).

ketogenic diet

Ive been battling with my weight and diets for ages and this diet works. There is a transitional period called Keto flu. This is where you feel “sick” for 2–5 days like you have mild flu. mine lasted 3 days.

You feel this way because your body is changing every cell from sugar (carbohydrate) burning to fat burning. So your body’s new preferred energy source switches to fats. This process is totally normal and healthy. Its just that our body prefers to not switch metabolisms.

I used to have major sugar crashes all the time and then would drink coffee and then crash from that too. It was keeping my body is a constant state of stress. I think this contributed to my depression in a big way.

Now that Im on the other side of depression I can report that its possible. 5 years ago I would have told people to fuck off with their depression solutions. After having tried so many diffrent things and found what works for me made the biggest difference.

I really hope you can improve your mood with these tips.

If you would like more information feel free to contact me.

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