How to Get Out of The Friend Zone

How to get out of the friend zone

What the hell’s the friend zone?

“When a girl decides that you’re her friend, you’re no longer a dating option. You become this complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like her brother or a lamp.”

The friend zone is a state of mind of a woman. It occurs when a woman decides that the man is not a viable sexual partner. A woman’s ancient biology is what triggers a man to be put into the friend zone. Millions of years of evolution have developed a certain amount of triggers in a woman’s mind. If you activate these triggers you start to fall into the friend zone. This process can be very fast and may only take five minutes.


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How to get out of the friend zone

How to get out of the friend zone – Friend Zone Biology

True human behaviour comes from evolutionary biology. Millions of years of evolution have forged the way that we behave and socialise with each other. Too many men are shy or insecure and don’t go after what they want from a woman. So they take a feminine approach by dropping hints and hoping that the women pick them up. These men also hope that she will move the ball forward by taking action. 90% of the time, this will not work. She will start to see you as a friend and she will lose all sexual interest in you. So it’s best to assume that all women want a man to take the lead. Men who don’t take the lead are usually the type women don’t want to date anyway.

For a man who takes the lead in interactions with women, the friend zone does not exist. He will not let the relationship happen on someone else’s terms.

How to get out of the friend zone – Friend Zone Rules

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 1. Don’t Hesitate
Never be scared to make the first move out of fear of rejection or believe that you have something to prove to someone else. You need to control the timeline and progression of every relationship. It is better to get rejected up front, than to spend months trying to figure out what went wrong, why she’s behaving a certain way only to find out that she just wants to be friends.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 2. Don’t be Lead Astray
One of the fastest way is to be put into the friend zone is to let a woman voluntarily lead you. What it means is letting her make all of the plans or asking her what you guys should do, where you should go. It means going shopping with her when you don’t want to. Going to the parties her friends are throwing and having dinner with her social circle rather than your own. Basically, you become her little lapdog. A real man stays in his own universe and allows women to visit if she wants to. Maintaining your own social group is very important. You can invite her to tag along with you but don’t go shopping with her and hang out with her friends. It is better to leave the interaction and have her join something that you carefully planned for the two of you to do together.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 3. Don’t Chat for Hours on the Phone
An attractive busy heterosexual man does not chat for hours and hours on the phone with women about their problems. Especially women he has never slept with. Guys, this is a big red flag and is an almost 100% guarantee that you will fall into the friend zone. When you text or chat with the woman you need to keep your interactions short and purpose driven. If she really wants to chat with you then she should be in your presence and you should have access to her body while she’s having a conversation with you.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 4. Don’t be Passive
Being passive and wimpy and easy to push around is the fastest way to get you into the friends zone. If you’re spineless and weak around women they will never be sexually attracted to you. Don’t be a “yes man” and don’t always take her side on every issue.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 5. Don’t be a Feminist
As important as the feminist movement is to ending female oppression, it is something that men should avoid becoming passionate about if they wish to attract women. Gender equality is a huge issue which I’m not going to get into. However, it is important to note that a male feminist can never really make a woman feel like a woman because he is constantly suppressing his male tendencies to try achieve gender equality. To become an attractive man who women see as a lover, protector or provider, you must acknowledge that you are different from a woman. Having the same rights as a woman is not the same as being the same as a woman.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 6. Don’t cry on her shoulder
If you’re having emotional difficulties or you have a lot of drama in your life, talk to your family or talk to your friends. Never go to a woman and present all of your emotional problems because she will start to see you as more weak and childish. There are many ways that you can share a deeper connection with the woman which don’t include crying on her shoulder. If you do share your problems with the woman, make sure you’re not coming across as whiny needy or pathetic. If she is intent on trying to find out what’s wrong with you, just tell her you have a problem and you’re working on it. Crying on a woman shoulder is the fastest way to get into the friend zone.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 7. Never Ask for Relationship Advice.
Lots of men make the mistake of asking their sister, mother or other women in their lives for relationship advice. Other men take it one step further by asking the woman they’re interested in for advice about dating other women. They think that by asking the woman they’re interested in for advice they are going to discover what she’s interested in. Thereby discovering the way to have sex with this woman of interest. This never works! It’s like going for a job interview and asking the person interviewing you how to get the job. I have the utmost fondness, love, care and compassion for women, but one thing they do terribly is give dating advice to men.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 8. Don’t Be Too Available to Women
An attractive man has options, he doesn’t focus all his energy on a woman who hasn’t shown him any sexual interest. Your availability is something that women have to work towards to earn it. They enjoy the challenge of going for a man that seems just out of reach. For women, the easier it is to have sex with her, the lower her value. For men the less available you are, the more attractive you become.

When you instantly respond to texts or jump to get the phone when it rings, you are communicating that you do not have a life outside of this woman. Women need to feel that they had to fight for your time and your attention. She has to know the other things that are going on in your life. Then when you do see her, you are choosing to be with her. You are choosing to take time away from your friends and active life to spend time with her.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 9. Do Not Shower Her with Compliments
If you give a woman too many compliments what you’re doing is boosting her self-esteem, in a way that seems to convince her that she’s too good for you. Showing a woman that she is desirable and sexy is by taking action. Stop trying to convince a woman you want to have sex with that she’s too amazing to be with a slump like you.

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: 10. Never Accept the Friend Zone
If a woman makes it clear that she has no romantic interest in you walk away. Why? Because attractive and sexy men will never allow themselves to be some woman’s lap dog. If she can’t see how amazing you are then it is her loss. You have people to meet, things to do, you have a life and you have value. Why waste your time kissing her ass? Accepting the friend zone comes from a place of desperation. It suggests that you’re so desperate that you’re willing to give up certain things in order to just be close to a woman.

By following these 10 tips of how not to get friends and you will naturally become more attractive to women. Good luck guys remember we’ve all been friend zoned before, let’s not make it a habit.

How to get out of the friend zone

How to get out of the friend zone is a guide put together from information collected form men all over the world.



How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: by Sky

6 thoughts on “How to Get Out of The Friend Zone”

  1. Well I think there is a lack of building attraction. I am currently in this situation…
    Had a hard timenafter a beakup from a 7 years relationship. Met that women in my old group of friends and went from she is interested to being clingy, needy and hesistant. This could be set neutral after a while of being myself again but ir needs attraction to get someone to rethink this and take the shot I think.

  2. Is there any real way to start the relationship over if you’ve already been intimate? The relationship started out with feelings of attraction both physically, and mentally. However, it started off moving to fast, now we both wanna”Start Over”To build a stronger Friendship with the goal of working towards a couples relationship. Can that happen? And if so, Where or how do we start?

    1. Yes, its possible.
      Sometimes the problem of moving too fast is that you didn’t have time to develop enough emotional intimacy. You need to ease the breaks on sex and spend more time talking about life and your emotions. I suggest going on romantic dates. Take her to speak easy bars or a slice of cake and a coffee. Places where you can talk a lot. Share your life with her. Your darkest times and how you overcame them and your positive times/success. Talk about your emotions. Dont boast or brag. This should build emotional intimacy and put you guys on the fast track to getting closer.

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